Adore Delano To Support Andy Black on UK Tour

In a somewhat bizarre, yet strangely fitting, turn of events, it has been announced that Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant Adore Delano will be performing as a support act for Andy Black in the UK. The tour will take place this July, and will see the Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack performing songs from his solo project, “Andy Black”.

Adore Delano at her “A Pizza Me Tour”, 2nd April, Glee Club Birmingham

This has come as a surprise to many fans of Andy Black, but here’s why Adore fits the bill.

  • Firstly, there aren’t many bands who would. Biersack’s solo project is so pop-influenced, but most of its fans for the time being come from the Black Veil Brides fan base who largely enjoy rock music, meaning very few bands would fit there. On his 2016 UK tour he brought along Creeper, who were a perfect fit due to their theatricality, but they’ve mysteriously disappeared / broken up / gone on hiatus. And Palaye Royale who supported him in the US have recently toured here with Enter Shikari. It’s a niche that’s hard to fill, and she fits it perfectly with her mix of rock and pop music.
  • Secondly, she’s so theatrical. Drag in itself is so over the top, so expressive, so dismissive of social norms, which are things that Biersack preaches regularly.
  • She’s rock and roll! Part of Adore’s persona is “sex, drag, rock ‘n’ roll”, and she compliments this with stylish outfits wish a dash of edginess. Her latest album ‘Whatever’ has a punk rock feel to it, too. She’s crept into the alternative music scene as of late, even being featured on the cover of Alternative Press magazine, so it’s not like she doesn’t know what she’s doing amongst the rock media.
  • WHY NOT? Perhaps the most important point on the list, this is something out of the ordinary and new to people, so why not see how it goes down?

Watch the video for Adore Delano’s ‘Negative Nancy’ here:

Watch Andy Black’s ‘The Ghost Of Ohio’ From his new album of the same name here:

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