Knocked Loose Tackle Religion and Sin in New Single ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’

It’s been a long wait for new material. Debut album ‘Laugh Tracks’, released in 2016, created such a huge hype and the KL boys became the talk of the hardcore scene – in fact, basically the entirety of the heavy music scene – with ‘Arf! Arf!’ breakdowns, crowd killing fans, and being heavy as fuck but accessible enough to gather a large following at Warped Tour.

Tackling huge tours and festivals since, they gained yet more momentum, but there was no sign of new music, until now. Sticking with Pure Noise Records, they’ve just released ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ as a music video, directed by Max Moore. And it’s crushing. In the best way.

This has all the heavy, but none of the dog noises, and its lyrics tackle demons, sins, atonement and God. As the song ends, ‘I see the horns / They follow me down / God fell silent / When I cried out’, the video reflects the chaos and anguish in the music which, on screen, is captured by lots of blue paint, an injured guy and some cool, creative video shots of the band. Live, it will be captured without those elements (except maybe the odd injured guy or two… maybe a couple more), but the Kentucky hardcore boys and their fans never fail to go hard. And with Slam Dunk announcing two heavy stages for this year… that’s gonna be one hell of a weekend.

Watch ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ here:

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