Our Favourite Releases Of November So Far

This month has been CRAZY for new releases. In fact, it’s been pretty hard to keep up, so here’s a list of singles, EPs and albums not to miss:

  • Whitechapel – ‘Brimstone’. The first single from their upcoming album ‘The Valley’, this has set our expectations high for its release in March next year. Eerie riffs balance out the aggression in this track, and, true to Whitechapel’s style, the lyrics match. The chorus “Kill, torture, terrorise / Welcome to my mind” hits hard, with the verses going into more gory detail of how he tortured and kills someone in his head. Deathcore all over.

  • Silent Planet – When The End Began. Also eerie, but firmly on the metalcore side of things, Silent Planet’s third full-length album provides a lot of variety and is expertly put together. After a few heavier bangers, the tracks stray from the mainstream and become more intense, with themed interludes breaking it up. Watch ‘Share The Body’ video here:


  • Currents – Into Despair. In anticipation of their EP ‘I Let The Devil In’ which comes out on 14th December, Currents released this single the day they started on Impericon’s Never Say Die Tour. As expected, the single went down brilliantly, with many fans already able to scream the words at the Manchester date just 4 days later. With the theme of giving in to mental illness and addiction, the song sums this up with a powerful “I sat back and I let the devil in me” finishing with an impressive low growl, leaving the focus on the riff that’s been running throughout. Watch the music video here:


  • Our Divinity – ‘Paralysis’. Representing our very own Liverpool (sort of Leeds, too), this band have been gaining momentum rapidly over the last few months. Headlining smaller venues and even supporting SikTh in Liverpool, they’re on track to be very big, very soon. This is their debut EP which deals with mental health in a metalcore/pop-rock fusion with Zara Saunders’ vocals sounding as impressive as ever. She really pulls it off live, too. Jam this EP and watch this space! This is the music video for the title track:


  • Fever 333 – ‘Burn It’. Another single from the American protestors fronted by Jason Butler, in anticipation of their upcoming album, ‘Strength In Numb333rs’. This track sums up what the band stands for, both lyrically and musically. There’s so much craziness going on here: rapping, screaming, cleans, backing choirs, simple yet in-your-face riffs, and Butler’s passionate words about police brutality towards African-Americans. Watch ‘Burn It’ here:


  • Fridge Magnet Mysteries – ‘I Hope This Isn’t A Dud!’. Heavily influenced by Green Day, this is a fun album by North-West punk rockers Fridge Magnet Mysteries. Although they don’t necessarily have their own sound, the tracks are original and don’t sound too raw or too overproduced – what’s more, these songs are really fun! Give it a spin if you want a (long overdue!) fresh taste of old pop punk. Watch the lyric video for ‘Waiting For Better Days’:


  • Architects – Holy Hell. You didn’t think I was going to finish without talking about Holy Hell, did you? Last, but so, so far from least, this album gets a well-deserved place on this list. Compared to old albums by fans, it seems Architects have put a their mature, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us spin on their older style. Unsurprisingly they’ve dedicated this record to late guitarist and writer Tom, who would undoubtedly be proud of the band for still writing beautiful songs and using their pain to inspire them to push further. Although the singles still seem to be the best tracks, there are other gems which will surely grow on you if you’re not already captured! That massive tour in January is going to be sick. In case you’ve been living under a rock, watch ‘Doomsday’ here:


You can also find a taste of all this on the Heavy, That! Spotify Playlist. Let us know what you think! What are your favourite releases from this month?

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