Disturbed ‘Evolution’ Review

If you have been following Disturbed then you will know they brought out their new album ‘Evolution’ yesterday. I’ve picked out a few songs to talk about that sum up the vibe of the album.

As a long time fan of Disturbed I was excited for this album to come out. When they brought out some teasers over the months leading up to the album release, they were short and straight to the point as any teaser should be. Although they were only studio based videos, they created the hype by showing fans how they developed it all beforehand.

The songs that stood out to me were ‘Are You Ready?’, ‘A Reason to Fight’, ‘Saviour of Nothing’ and ‘The Best Ones Lie’. Most of the songs are upbeat, great for if you are not having a good day, and some could be meaningful to you in so many ways. Each song was impressive and shows the significant amount of thought that went into making the album enjoyable.

The song ‘Are You Ready?’ is a pretty simple song to start off the album yet it will get you in the mood for the rest of the album. The lyrics to this particular song are repetitive which can be off-putting if you listen as a whole, and there’s no differentiation from verse to chorus.

‘A Reason To Fight’ may remind you of your own person struggle, or that the issues discussed could happen to you in the future. Centred around addiction, the lyrics could be meaningful to anyone fighting something, and they’re complimented by the slow guitar pace and the vocals that build up the song itself.

Onto the next song, ‘Saviour of Nothing’: the effects of the guitar are pretty amazing in the beginning of the song, but the chorus really sticks out. David Draiman (vocals) delivers the lyrics as powerfully as ever, which isn’t lost on us as it flows perfectly into the guitar solo.

Finally for the last track which is ‘The Best Ones Lie’, a fast pace song that reminds fans of an old school Disturbed song. Though it doesn’t stand out in terms of old Disturbed, it gives this album what many fans have been looking for.

Comparing ‘Evolution’ to Disturbed’s back catalogue, we can’t help but wonder whether these songs will survive live sets for years and become timeless, the songs tick all the boxes but overall this album is fairly average, underwhelming at this point for a Disturbed album, but nevertheless giving the fans of this band some good new material.

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