Only The Righteous ‘Regrets // Heads or Tails’ Review

FFO: blessthefall, Asking Alexandria, The Amity Affliction


Having already hit the stage with Loathe, Lotus Eater, Antihero and Liverpool favourites Rosalene, Manchester-based Only The Righteous are set to rise in the world of live music, but how are they on record? Until very recently they only had one song streaming on major platforms (so they’ve done pretty well for themselves!), but in September the band released a two-song EP titled with the names of the songs, ‘Regret // Heads or Tails’. This came with a music video for ‘Regret’ which has been successful on the band’s Facebook page and features some impressive shots of the band. Watch here:

The hook on this song is the reason behind recommending them for fans of blessthefall; it’s slow and melodic, but with the intense uncleans and a nice riff through the song, it’s not too soft. Towards the end of the breakdown there is some variety in the vocals as James Barnes (vox) performs a line in an expressive spoken word style, before upping the intensity and screaming the same line, leading the bridge seamlessly into another chorus and the end of the song.

This brings us to the second song, ‘Heads or Tails’. This track includes more spoken word as the chorus is almost rapped, with a fewer unclean vocal parts and a clean section. The guitars behind the vocals create a melodic metalcore feel, with faster riffs for the verses and slower, more ballad-style ones during the chorus.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for shows to see how this emotion translates live, but in the meantime, you can stream ‘Regret // Heads or Tails’ here:

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