Tips For Discovering New Bands And Supporting Your Local Scene

Featured image: Lotus Eater at Hangar 34, Liverpool, 15/09/18

To some, there’s little better than paying a fiver to get into a 100-cap venue and just have a good night. People are forever telling me they want to get into smaller bands, whether that’s so they can support their local scene, so they can meet more bands, or simply because the gigs are cheaper and more intimate. A lot of you will already know the basics but here are my four top tips (and a little something I’ve been working on):

  1. GET TO THE VENUE AT DOORS! Possibly the most obvious tip is to actually watch support bands. Lots of people go to a big show and start listening to the supports, go to the supports’ headliners and listen to their smaller supports, and before they know it they’re regularly attending smaller gigs. Simple!
  2. FOLLOW PROMOTIONAL AND VENUE PAGES. These shouldn’t be hard to find, and their purpose is to shout about upcoming gigs, so you’re unlikely to miss any.
  3. TALK TO PEOPLE! Networking at gigs can seem slightly terrifying if you’re shy or anxious, but, honestly, throw yourself in there and it should get easier. At least, it has for me!
  4. SMALL STAGES AT FESTIVALS. Definitely go and watch your faves, watch that legendary band to say you’ve seen them if you want! But wandering off to a smaller stage and watching a few bands can open your eyes to so much new music. Plus, there’s usually shelter from the hot sun or pissing down rain.
  5. PLAYLISTS. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE. Following playlists on Spotify can help a lot. The ‘Metalcore’ playlist by Spotify is a staple for me. To accompany this blog, though, there now exists the Heavy, That! Spotify Playlist, featuring new heavy music, small U.K. bands, and anything else that could be relevant to the blog! It currently includes the likes of the new Fit For A King, From Inside, Lotus Eater, Architects and more, and it will be updated every week.

Listen to the Heavy, That! playlist here:

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