Architects Tease New Album

Following the release of their extremely successful single ‘Doomsday’ a year ago, British metalcore giants Architects are now teasing new music. Captionless videos have been posted to the band’s social media with atmospheric music, whilst their website has been updated with similar videos. The graphics are the same, but if you continue to listen, you’ll notice a familiar tune amongst the dramatic violin-heavy audio. We last heard it at the end of ‘Momento Mori’, the closing track of their seventh and latest album ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’.

Since ‘Doomsday’ was noticeably similar to much of AOGHAU, this could potentially mean that the new album will be a continuation of it. Certainly, if the themes are similar, we can expect new music to be lyrically focused around death, depression and a feeling of hopelessness, something which can be quite relatable to most people at at least some points in their lives, and comes across brilliantly in their aggressive yet melancholic music, with Sam Carter’s intense vocals. Hopefully, though, ‘Doomsday’ was a bridge between the two albums and they will pull of something musically different.

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